Mailbox Standards

According to Article VI, Section 5, Covenants and Restrictions for River Watch, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is tasked to “adopt standards for uniform mailboxes, which shall be the same design for each lot … and all other particulars of receptacles for the receipt of mail … as well as property identification markers.”

The ACC consensus is that homeowners who wish to maintain the mailbox and post provided by the builder should be allowed to do so. However, for those homeowners who wish to replace the mailbox or post, some flexibility may be allowed while maintaining the “same design for each lot” as required by the deed restrictions.

The ACC has proposed, and the Board of Directors has approved, the following standards for “Uniform Mailboxes”:

Aluminum or Vinyl
USPS size T1 or C1
No lettering

4x4 Pressure treated wood or equivalent
Style same as existing posts
Color options: any one of following:

  • Grey (existing color)
  • White
  • Match house body
  • Match house trim

Must match original style and placement on post 4 in. high, Black, Script

Plants, shrubs, or flowers around or adjacent to the post are not restricted, except that the house numbers must remain visible.

Other decorative additions such as cap and/or finial must be approved, in writing, by the ACC.

Please ensure that your mailbox and post adhere to these standards.