Restrictions Summary




Houses must be single family, residential use only. You may have a private office in your home as long as the primary use of the house is residential.


Any changes to exterior colors or any modification which changes the appearance of the house must be approved in advance by the ACC.


All walls and fences must be approved by the ACC prior to installation.
All fences must begin at least 8 ft back from the front of your home and must be 6 feet high or less. Fences may be wood or PVC and must be either shadow box or board on board. Wood fences must be made from Ultrawood or equivalent pressure treated wood product having a warranty of at least 30 years. Posts and supports must be placed on the inside of the fence without any supports facing the outside of the lot.

Rules for houses on lakes or conservation areas: Beginning at a point 10 ft beyond the rearmost corner of your house or pool deck the fence must be no higher than 5 ft. Houses on conservation/lake lots may use 4 ft high black vinyl-coated chain link with matching posts and hardware.

If you have a swimming pool without a screen enclosure, you may use white PVC picket fencing around the perimeter of the pool deck only, in order to comply with governmental fencing requirements.


All sheds, garages, or other outbuildings must be approved by the ACC prior to construction. Sheds must have an exterior finish that matches the house. All shed roofs must be shingled to match the house. Sheds must be landscaped as approved by the ACC. Maximum plate height is 7ft, 4in. No trailer, camper, shack, tent, garage, barn, shed or other similar structure shall be used as a residence at any time.


Garages shall be used only for parking vehicles, hobbies, or storing household goods. Garage doors must be closed when the garage is not in use.


All vehicles must be parked or stored in garages. Cars cannot be parked overnight on any street. You may park cars (only) in the driveway overnight IF you own more cars than the garage capacity. All other vehicles must be kept in the garage or completely screened from view. This includes boats, trailers, mobile homes, RV's or buses. This also includes commercial vehicles over 1 ton. An exception is made for temporary vehicles (less than 48 hours). You may not do extended vehicle repairs or overhaul your vehicles. All vehicles must have current license plates. Vehicles that violate the above rules may be towed by the association, at owner's expense.


Areas surrounding lakes and ponds are private and belong to those residents who own those lake and pond lots. The Riverglen HOA is responsible for maintaining the ecosystem (algae growth, insect control, etc.) in the lake areas and therefore is allowed on the lake lots for this maintenance and to enforce building restrictions. It is the individual lot owners' responsibility to maintain the areas surrounding the lakes and ponds.
No docks, fences, or structures may be built on a lake area. You may not draw water from a lake nor put solid or liquid material in the lakes. You may not remove any native vegetation (including cattails) from the lake areas. If you own a lot on a lake you may cross other lake lots that border the same lake (i.e. to walk around the lake or to maintain or inspect your property on the other side of the lake). No lake lot owner has the right to invade the privacy of other lake lot owners, or to conduct any activity that would prevent other owners from enjoying their respective lots.


Boats or flotation devices are not allowed on the lakes or ponds.


Each lot must have an oak tree of 3" minimum diameter planted and maintained between the sidewalk and the street. Corner lots must have two oaks, of 4" minimum diameter planted and maintained. Clearing of plants or trees from any lot should be kept to a minimum. You may not remove or destroy any trees that have a diameter of 6" measured 2 ft above ground or distinctive plants without written permission from the ACC. In addition, owners of lots on wetland conservation areas have additional restrictions regarding removal of plants without approval from the Southwest Florida Water Management District.


Swimming pools must be to the rear of your property, and must conform to the setback requirements. Above ground pools are not allowed.


If you are working on a project (i.e. patio, landscaping, etc.) you may store materials and equipment for your project on your jot but only for a reasonable amount of time to finish the project. You may only store materials or equipment on YOUR lot. You may not allow trash or debris to accumulate nor block roadways, driveways, easements, or other property with your materials or equipment. You may not excavate or remove earth from any lot for business purpose. Changes to elevation or surface grading must be approved by the ACC.


If you live on the edge of the Riverwatch Subdivision, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing the interior portion of any wall or fence installed on your lot. If you fail to maintain or repair such walls the Association may have the wall/fence repaired at your expense.


You must maintain your house and other structures (such as sheds or fences) in good condition. You are responsible for painting and repair, mowing, watering and repairing the lawn, as well as pruning and trimming trees, hedges and shrubs. You must keep lower branches of trees or shrubs trimmed so that the view of traffic is unobstructed at intersections. You must maintain the sidewalk on your lot and repair it if necessary.


You may have a total of no more than 4 pets (dogs, cats, or other small household pets). They may not be kept or bred for commercial purposes. If your pet is deemed a nuisance because of excessive noise (such as barking, whining, etc), violent or aggressive behavior, or if it attacks or bites another person or any other person's pet, it must be removed from Riverwatch. All pets must be kept on leashes or within secure fences when outdoors.


Satellite dish antennas must be no larger than 1 meter in diameter and should be placed on the rear of your house. No other antennas, towers, or apparatus are allowed. Clotheslines are not allowed.


These must be approved by the ACC, including temporary (portable) goals.


No advertising signs or billboards are allowed except signs used to advertise the sale of your property.


Window treatments (curtains, blinds, shades, etc) must be made specifically for that purpose. Tablecloths, sheets, blankets, newspaper, foil or other materials not made for windows are not allowed. Window air conditioners are not allowed.


Trash, rubbish or other waste material must be kept in containers designed for that purpose. Trash containers must be kept in a sanitary condition, and must be kept in the garage or rear yard, screened from view of neighbors. You may put out your trash no earlier than 24 hours prior to pickup, and you must store the trash containers within 24 hours of pickup. No garbage, trash or yard waste materials can be placed on storm drains.


You may not conduct illegal or annoying activities of any kind.


Must be municipal system (i.e. city/county, no separate or private tanks). Wells for lawn irrigation (only) may be installed, however, holding tanks or other equipment shall be screened from view.